About Us

Every so often, a challenge emerges in healthcare great enough to motivate an extraordinary team of leaders in the practice, technology and business of Medicine to join forces and solve a major issue that affects us all.

A truly world-class team has come together to address the exploding chronic disease crisis affecting everyone from our loved ones to global economies. Passionate about the opportunity to apply exponentially accelerating advances in biosensor technology and machine intelligence, Sentrian is working to finally make remote patient management an affordable and effective reality for patients, payers and providers alike.


Sentrian’s history began, originally as ‘Jointly Health’, in August 2012 by our Founder and Chairman Dr Jack Kreindler, a physician and innovator in healthcare and health tech, Singularity University alumni and founder of renowned CHHP clinic in London. Jack’s vision was to scale the work of CHHP applying novel techniques and technology from elite human performance science to help even the sickest patients get the best possible outcomes and quality of life: Combining a new understanding of what goes on in patients’ bodies and lives at home with what medicine learns from labs and during admissions, could data bridge the chasm between patients at home and providers in clinics – jointly transforming the management of disease, and solving a trillion dollar problem?

Jack has been joined by a once-in-a-lifetime team of co-founding executives including fellow Singularity University alumni and med tech executive, Dean Sawyer as CEO as well as IBM’s former Chief Medical Scientist, Dr. Marty Kohn M.D. and wearable biosensor technology pioneer, Dr. Lance Myers Ph.D. as CTO. Sentrian is fortunate to have an exceptionally talented and growing team continuing to break new ground in the technology, market adoption, academic validation and regulatory acceptance of Remote Patient Intelligence.

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