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It is evident from research studies around the world by scientists that certain foods might either impact the appetite positively or negatively. This could benefit the weight loss enthusiasts amongst us if we follow a healthy lifestyle and diet in particular. In the coming lines, we are about to learn more about certain foods that might come in handy for you for weight loss.

People who aspire to reduce weight must consume nutrient-rich foods if they are trying to lose weight as a matter of fact. The ones that are protein and fiber will turn out to be a blessing for people wanting to do their weight management.

Which Nutrient Is Best For Weight Loss?

One of the recent studies was of the opinion that a couple of foods — like fruits, vegetables, yogurt, nuts, and whole grains were directly connected with losing weight.

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The said study also stated that processed foods like red meats, potato chips, sugary beverages, and processed meats had a serious connection with gaining weight.

Hence, on a safer note, it will be ideally correct to restrict fried foods, processed sugar items, fatty meats, and junk foods when you are trying to shed some kilos. 

Even if you know that healthy foods might help your cause, physical exercise is a must in weight reduction and ensuring your weight is under control.

Also, it is absolutely vital to consult with a doctor prior to starting any weight loss program. You also don’t have to be a regular gym goer to hit your weight loss goals either. However, you must remember that mere diet control won’t take you much far.


Eggs are used literally everywhere, especially during the morning before or after post-workout which would assist people to reduce their weight considerably.


During a recent study conducted with around 20 odd males, scientists studied the aftermath of consuming eggs or having a bagel in the mornings during food consumption to study their hunger and appetite.

They also took into account the levels of blood sugar, ghrelin also called the hormone of hunger, and insulin.

The results were as interesting as they showed that people who enjoyed an egg breakfast consumed less food for their lunch or even brunch and it carried on for 24 hours in comparison with those people who had taken bagels for their breakfast.

The level of appetite of those who had taken the eggs also felt their craving go down for 3 hours post their breakfast in comparison to those who had a bagel in the morning.

Post breakfast, the egg consumers also experienced little fluctuations in their blood sugar and insulin levels, apart from lesser ghrelin levels company to bagel lovers.


 What better way to begin your day than with a bowl of oatmeal as it would display much lower numbers on the results?


Another research with around 50 people showed drastic changes in the next intake, satisfaction, and appetite for those parties who had oatmeal compared to oat-based breakfast cereal.

The people who had taken oatmeal felt really satisfied with fewer cravings compared to those who ate cereal. Additionally, post having oatmeal their calorie intake at lunch was lesser compared to those who had breakfast cereal.

While the calorie amount for both the breakfasts was the same, the oatmeal delivered better protein, better fiber, and lower sugar compared to oat cereal.

The researchers found that the only game changer was with fiber, especially a kind of soluble fiber known as beta-glucan, which was presumably behind the different results. This is one such thing in the form of oatmeal that has worldwide takers



Avocados are well-loved around the world and are a powerhouse that delivers fiber and healthy fats, apart from lots of quality nutrients. They might also assist you to manage weight.

A renowned agency that studies American individuals figured that people who consumed a lot of avocados weighed quite less and showed a lesser BMI than the ones who never had so. People who consumed avocado used to intake fruits, vegetables, and fiber much higher than those who never did the same in their lives.

The individuals who took avocado had an all-around balanced diet and used way lower processed sugar than the people who couldn’t do so. In addition to this, their chances of contracting metabolic syndrome were considerably lower than for the people who never took avocado on a daily basis.



Fiber helps in weight reduction to a great extent, and berries fall under the elite category of fiber-rich fruits in the world.

One serving of raspberries or blackberries gives around 8 g of fiber and no wonder why they have such an elite status. Berries are usually served as toppings to a lot of foods, like oatmeal, yogurt, or salads.

So, this was a small discussion on the best nutrient for weight loss in an exhaustive manner. We hope you enjoyed the same and kindly let us know what you felt in the comments.

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