Any healthcare organization at risk for the cost of hospitalizations and/or responsible for managing patients outside of a clinic or hospital can use Sentrian’s Remote Patient Intelligence platform to exponentially scale the reach and effectiveness of their case management and other remote care programs. For this reason, our first clients are medicare advantage, managed medicaid health plans at other at-risk healthcare organizations whose first attempts at remote patent monitoring have lacked the key capabilities our solution intends to deliver for them. Our partnership with these customers is creating the next generation model for remote monitoring, one based in rich analytics and decision support, what we refer to as remote patent intelligence.

The Triple Aim

An evolving theme for the future of healthcare is the Triple Aim: improved population health, improved patient experience and controlled cost. To achieve those aims, healthcare organizations are accepting the challenge of improving the health of patients with complex chronic diseases while simultaneously reducing cost. They have moved away from fee-for-service to rewarding improved outcomes. By focusing on keeping each patient healthier, and reducing the need for acute care interventions, they can meet those goals. Care managers provide personal support and coordination for each patient to maximize the opportunity to promote health and avert exacerbations.


  • Intended to remotely detect health deterioration earlier and with higher accuracy than alternatives resulting in a dramatic reduction in preventable hospitalization
  • Intended to improve the efficacy and effectiveness of remote care teams, making remote patient monitoring scalable for the first time
  • Intended to improve quality metrics such as HEDIS and Star ratings


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