The power, precision, and availability of remote biosensors is growing rapidly while costs are plummeting. As medical sensors become ubiquitous, the stream of information available to clinicians will completely overwhelm their ability to understand and react. Multiply this by a population of 7 billion and the challenge of exploiting this data to truly impact public health reaches epic proportions. To deal with this sea of data, we need to teach machines to do the work of a dedicated clinical team, monitoring each patient’s data continually to detect subtle signs that warn of an impending problem. The greatest challenge to remote patient monitoring is in modeling the complex interactions between sensor data, subjective observations, and medical history. For remote patient monitoring to have an effect on national or global healthcare problems we need to build the predictive capability of thousands of clinical specialties into an analytics platform that can examine data continually across millions of patients.


Sentrian has developed a new approach to remote monitoring to bring this extremely demanding goal within reach. First, we designed our system to be device and gateway agnostic, meaning we can help our clients take advantage of new FDA cleared technologies as they become available.  This positions our clients to become agile in deploying new solutions to improve chronic disease management.  Second, our system is built to work independently or integrate with our client’s population health management platform or disease management systems. We emulate existing workflow processes with our software to mirror how nurses or case managers monitor their patients today, or we help your team design a new approach to take advantage of the efficiencies our system generates.

Finally, the Sentrian Remote Patient Intelligence platform (Sentrian RPI) is the first system to allow clinicians to rapidly build or continually improve new remote disease deterioration models. Our approach represents an exponential increase in the pace with which we create and deploy remote disease deterioration models, the intelligent building blocks that allow machines to transform an overwhelming torrent of physiological data into a concise understanding of the patient’s health that can drive effective clinical decisions.

With a rules based monitoring program in place, Sentrian RPI applies those rules to sensor data streams coming from your monitored patient population and delivers to your nurses or case managers an ever changing view into their patient populations where the patients most in need of their attention are always displayed in front of them for action.

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Millions of hospitalizations costing tens of billions of dollars could be avoided every year if we could detect health deterioration remotely.

Dean Sawyer
     Co-Founder and CEO of  Sentrian.

Current remote patient monitoring only gives us hours to act, the Sentrian product has the potential to give us days or weeks to act.

Chief Medical Officer of a Medicare Advantage Health Plan

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Want to know more? Contact us for more information or to receive a demo.