Top 5 Effective Ways To Add Cinnamon To Your Diet

Cinnamon is one of the famous spices that has multiple uses. It is used for several medicinal benefits and to spice up dishes. There are many pieces of research have been done based on Cinnamon and it has been proven that there are advantages to adding it to our day-to-day diet. Cinnamon is rich in Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium which coil help our bones, teeth, nerves, muscles, and total immunity of the body.

Benefits Of Using Cinnamon In Your Dishes

Cinnamon is available all over the world in different types and is famous for various properties. It is obtained from the tree Cinnamomum and the stem is used as cinnamon sticks. It is one of the ancient spices used as a digestive aid for regular and medicinal purposes.

Some of you may not like the aroma of this spices. But, you can always start by adding little by little even without projecting the flavour. And it is one of the best options for flavouring your kid’s food in a subtle mode because, for kids food is the key way of getting proper nutrients and anti-oxidants.

Benefits Of Using Cinnamon In Your Dishes

Some Of The Health Benefits Of Using Cinnamon

  • Help to control diabetes
  • Reduce the bad cholesterol and help to burn the fat
  • Help to improve the oral care
  • Able to decrease infections
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Beneficial for flawless skin
  • Help with weight loss

How To Add Cinnamon To Your Diet?

Cinnamon could be perfectly added to the diet in different ways. The properties of Cinnamon will encourage us to make multiple dishes or at least make some beverages. This is also potent to help you protect from several medical conditions in the future. 

 Methods To Add Cinnamon In Your Daily Food

There are several methods to add cinnamon in your daily food – Some of them are given below:

  1. Cinnamon tea– Cinnamon tea is tastier and it will heal your body from many toxins. It is rich in antioxidants and it can help you even in the time of cold. 
  2. Cinnamon water-Instead of drinking plain water, you can always add a pinch of spices to it. The warm cinnamon water in the morning will help you with inflammation and other digestive issues
  3. Flavour agent to rice dishes – When you plan a meal with rice, you can always think for spicing it up. In addition, you can try many Asian dishes to try it. 
  4. Sugar replacement – Cinnamon is having a sugary taste. People with diabetes or those who are health conscious can add spices powder instead of sugar to get the sweet taste.
  5. Baking bread – If you are planning to bake some bread you can flavour it with this spices. This is one of the smart ideas for adding Cinnamon to the diet. 
  6. Making Croissants – Kids and adults love Croissants equally. You can add a pinch of it inside the dough or sprinkle it outside along with some sugar powder will give you the best taste to eat and present.
  7. Cakes and swiss roles – There is an end number of baking opportunities for cakes and swiss roles with mild spice could make the dish more appealing.
  8. Cookies– Cinnamon- Flavoured cookies are liked by many. Adding this spices for cookie to your kids’ snacks will make them happier as well as healthier.


Cinnamon can be added to the diet as a flavouring agent by simply adding it to the drinking water in the morning. It can improve your digestion and help you with inflammation. Even long years back, the health benefits are tested and proven. Just like the merits, there are some adverse effects of taking it, if you are using more spices or if you are in any medical conditions like hypoglycemia or any liver-related diseases and it will happen mainly on the occasion of over consumption. But generally, it is safe to use, even proven its power to resist HIV and can build your immunity. 

Using this daily can positively increase your sugar balance and help diabetes patients. It is better to have authentic Cinnamon sticks or the complete natural powder rather than buying any powder which is added with chemicals and additives. You can add this as a flavour for baking bread and cookies while adding any artificial colours and additives. It could help with everyone’s gut health and wellbeing in your home. 

Having Cinnamon in your daily diet is good. At the same time, following a good diet and healthy routine will make you better. The daily workout sessions and exercises will regulate hormones, sugar levels, BP levels, and so on. 

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