Ashley Madison Reviews – A Genuine Dating App For Married Individuals?

Ashley Madison is an exclusive dating app for married individuals who are looking for something different from their monotonous life. The app is designed by Ruby, a company looking into creating an advanced and safe dating community that fits various needs and desires.

The app has been celebrated and is a non-judgmental space for thousands of individuals globally. It helps you find people who are looking into similar things as you are and assists you in having a discreet and private relationship without putting you in any sort of danger. The importance of such an exclusive community is described in the Ashley Madison review and it might help you get an insight into the significance of this app.

Ashley Madison Reviews – Overview And Features Of The App!

In this Ashley Madison review, I will talk about the app, how it benefits you, what are the features, and how much you will have to invest if you chose to give it a try. 

Ashley Madison Reviews
Product NameAshley Madison
Main BenefitsA platform for individuals to involve in a safe dating experience
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison is a dating app and one of its kind. It provides a platform for individuals to involve in a safe, open-minded, discreet dating experience. The app designed by Ruby Inc. is found to be used by individuals globally. At present, there are about 50 countries that have active members using the app. The app comes with various features and is inclusive of all sexuality. 

Normally dating apps are open to single individuals who are looking for new relationships. Married or not-singled individuals may not always find what they are looking for in these spaces. There would be no mutual understanding and often one gets disappointed. 

With the onset of Ashley Madison, one can establish their needs and demands and find similar people who are looking for the same things. This mutual space is non-judgemental and helps one find an emotional connection, adventurous sex life, or even a short-term fling. The app is designed with concern for individuals’ freedom, privacy, and protects their identity. 

Ashley Madison Features

  • Priority Man – When you become a Priority Man member, your profile will be highlighted in the search results around your area. This helps to prioritize your profile above all others. 
  • Priority Mail – While trying to contact someone through the mail option, you can prioritize your mail by clicking on this button. Hence when they do open their mail, your message will appear first. This varies according to the membership type you are using. 
  • Traveling Man – With this option, you get to meet women in the areas that you are traveling to. If you are looking for something short-term or a fling on your travel this helps you filter your results.
  • Member Initiated Contact – For those choosing the service based on credits, this feature helps to communicate and keep in touch with the female members. You need not purchase extra credits to keep in touch with the women you have already be in contact with.
  • Message Plus – You get a 30-day free Message Plus when you buy a credit package. This helps you send and receive messages for free without having to purchase extra credits.
  • Free Membership – The app is free for women looking for men or women looking for women. You also get a 30-day free trial with the app after which you can either continue by paying for a membership or cancel the membership.
  • Discreet Space – The app guarantees to keep your account, activities, and messages discreet. There are also options to easily erase away messages or alert someone if you are panic environment.
  • Easy Interface – The app is designed with a simple and easy interface that ensures people can have a hassle-free and decluttered experience. 

The above-mentioned are some of the distinct features offered through the app. There are several others in regards to maintaining a healthy dating experience for you. 

Now let us look through some of the pros and cons of the Ashley Madison app.

Pros and Cons of Ashley Madison Dating Platform


  • A discreet and non-judgemental space for dating, especially for those looking for extra-marital affairs. The app helps you find what you are missing in your existing relationship.
  • It is free for females, this provides easier access and helps women have a better chance of finding a date.
  • The App is designed easily and simply. This makes the user interface easier and faster.
  • Provides utmost security to protect your information. 
  • You get to easily meet people of similar interests and needs. This way you only meet people who are in mutual circumstances and needs.
  • It comes with an anonymous payment option.
  • You can choose to make yourself appear discreet while uploading pictures. You don’t have to upload if you are uncomfortable. They do provide an option to add some filters to keep your identity hidden if necessary.
  • You have the option to erase your entire chatbox. Your messages can disappear with a tap and so your privacy is well kept.
  • It helps you connect and communicate better. You get to meet like-minded people who help you feel better in life. 


  • The payment feature is a little biased and confusing.
  • Not suitable for people looking for a serious and committed relationship.
  • There are no options to know if someone would be a good match for you unless you initiate a conversation.
  • Possible chances for catfishing.

How To Sign Up For Ashley Madison?

  • Register – First thing to do is register yourself in the app. You have to enter your e-mail address, username, password, gender, date of birth, and relationship status. 
  • Upload PIcture – you have an option to disguise your photo, or blur them to make them less identifiable. You also have an option to privatize it and send it only to those with whom you wish to talk. 
  • Looking For – In this section you can choose from a variety of options that you’re looking for. There are several options provided. For example are you someone looking for a long-term relation, or a short-term relationship, erotic cyber chats, etc?
  • Greeting – You can add a greeting message to this box.
  • About – You can write a little about yourself here. This should be brief about yourself so that people get an insight into who you are.

Once you get done with these steps you can add some more pictures as well as fill in some of your interests.

How Does Ashley Madison Work?

There are no automated matches or swipe options in this app. You have to browse for people and the app will show you people based on the geolocation generated with your zip code. You can also filter out age, gender, last login, location, height, weight, ethnicity, interests, etc.

You cannot easily begin to communicate, however. You can purchase credits that can be used to send messages. You can wink at someone you are interested in. This is similar to the poke on Facebook. Based on Ashley Madison reviews, this helps you to know if they are interested in you. If both of them wink they can begin a conversation. 

Ashley Madison Pricing and Where To Download?

If you are a woman looking for a man, you have the easiest of all. There is no cost and you get access to full membership.

If you are a man looking for a man/woman, or a woman looking for a woman you will have to purchase credit packages. There are three packages you can choose from which are as follows.

  • Elite – 25 cents per credit. You buy 1,000 credits for $249.00
  • Classic – 30 cents per credit. Purchase 500 credits for $149.00
  • Basic – 49 cents per credit. Get 100 credits for $49.00

The app can be downloaded both on your android phones as well on iOS software. You can also download the app through their official website. This is safe so that you do not download any fake or duplicate apps. 

Is Ashley Madison Legit?

This exclusive and unique app did have a few credibility issues initially. The app was hacked and after 2015 they added more protection and made it safer for use. At present, an individual’s information and identity are protected and kept safe. They even have an option of keeping the payment procedures anonymous. Hence there are no troubles in using the program and Ashley Madison is legit to use.

Final Thoughts – Ashley Madison Reviews

In today’s world where there are more than just monogamous relationship present, having a dating app that is curated for attached people is a deal.

As per Ashley Madison reviews, it seems like a great space for its varied features and functioning. The program has been active in more than 50 countries and millions of users have found it helps them find what they want outside their committed relationships. The app is free for women giving them ease of access. 

For someone looking for individuals that would match their interests irrespective of their marital status, Ashley Madison’s review states that this app can be recommended as it is an exclusive and discreet space, especially for attached or committed people who want to try open relationships. 

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