EcoPlus Reviews – Does This Device Work On Vintage Cars? 

If you are someone who is concerned about the increase in the price of gasoline and is looking for a way to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, this EcoPlus review will be of great help to you.

For those of you who do not know, EcoPlus is a recently launched device that asserts to increase the fuel efficiency of your car, without the need for any complex and expensive alterations. The manufacturers allow the device to increase the performance of a vehicle by creating a new map in the vehicle’s ECU.

EcoPlus Reviews – How Safe Is This Gadget To Use On A Luxury Car?

As the price of gas is skyrocketing these days, the EcoPlus device has gotten a lot of attention from car owners and vehicle experts. Since then, have been receiving many requests from my readers to bring forth an honest EcoPlus review.

For people who are new to my reviews, I am an automobile expert and vehicle enthusiast. I have years of experience in reviewing vehicles and vehicle accessories. 

So buckle up.

And let’s get into the EcoPlus reviews,

EcoPlus Reviews
Device NameEcoPlus
AimSave the fuel in your car
Category  Fuel-saving chip
FeaturesEasy to Use
Strong Compatibility
Small and Lightweight
Device is portable
Key BenefitsHelps in saving money
Reducing the consumption of fuel
Compatible with any vehicle
Reduces carbon dioxide emissions
SpecificationEasy to install and use
Method of UsingPlugin-method
WorkingOptimizes the fuel consumption of a car by remapping its ECU
Multipack AvailabilityAvailable on 1 device
Money back policy30 days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is EcoPlus Fuel Saver Device?

EcoPlus is a device that optimizes the fuel consumption of a car by remapping its Electrical circuit unit or ECU.

EcoPlus is an easy-to-use car accessory that when set up, has the ability to enhance the performance of the vehicle.  

This compact device is supposed to be plugged in with OBD or the onboard diagnostics of a car, making a temporary adjustment in the vehicle that can be easily removed when required. 

This EcoPlus gadget comes at an affordable price, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, making even the skeptical, wonder about the customer satisfaction guaranteed by the company.


Continue reading my EcoPlus review till the end for a better understanding of the product.

Main Features Of EcoPlus Device

Here are the main features of the EcoPlus fuel optimizer: 

  • Compact and lightweight:  The Device has a compact design making it lightweight. This makes the device portable and easy to plug and unplug.
  • Excellent compatibility:  The gadget is compatible with all cars with an onboard diagnostics that was installed on the cars from 1996 
  • Supports the electric control unit of the vehicle. 
  • Eco-friendly:  Does not emit compounds that are harmful to the environment.

How Does EcoPlus Device Work?

As mentioned earlier in EcoPlus reviews, EcoPlus is a device that has to be connected with the onboard diagnostics of a car. EcoPlus works by remapping the electrical circuit unit of the car.

When connected to the OBD of a car, the device receives information from the ECU. with these pieces of information, the device can adjust the injection timing, performance, pressure, and quantity of fuel according to the driver’s habit. 

And after driving about 150 miles, the device adjusts itself and keeps on remapping according to the style of driving and thus optimizing the fuel consumption.

EcoPlus Working

Benefits Of EcoPlus Fuel Saver Gadget

  • Easy-to-handle: This preprogrammed device is easy to use. All you have to do is plug and unplug the device according to your requirements.
  • Fights against climate change: The device enables fuel efficiency and lowers fuel consumption, lowering the emission of carbon dioxide
  • Money saver: Lower fuel consumption equals less time spent at the gas station, allowing you to save money on gas bills.   
  • Car friendly: adjusts to the driver’s style and does not bring any permanent change to the car,s computer.

EcoPlus Pros & Cons


  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions. 
  • Safe and convenient to handle.
  • Does not require expensive and complex alterations in the vehicles. 
  • EcoPlus Increases the horsepower and torque of the vehicle. 
  • Secured with a 30-day money replacement guarantee. 


  •  The website does not offer free shipping on their orders.
  •  The offers and discounts only last for a limited time.

Is EcoPlus Device Legit Or Not?

EcoPlus fuel-consuming device is a legitimate car accessory developed by expert automobile engineers and technicians to optimize fuel consumption.

It is a tried and tested product that has the ability to adjust itself with the diver’s style, keeping fuel consumption to a minimum. It has been tested in labs for its ability to maximize horsepower and torque. 

Moreover, the Ecoplus device is safe to use and does not emit any substances that can harm the environment. Additionally, the product has been shown to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to a great extent. 

Furthermore, this EcoPlus gadget is backed by a hassle-free return policy, making Ecoplus a risk-free investment.

EcoPlus Customer Reviews & Complaints

So far the EcoPlus reviews have been quite favorable. The majority of the users are satisfied with the outcomes of the device. They have experienced an increase in the BHP and torque of their vehicles. They have seen a considerable decrease in gas bills. However, I also noticed a handful of negative EcoPlus reviews from people who were not satisfied with the product.  

Not being able to buy the product offline and on other eCommerce websites were the reasons for these negative reviews. Of course, they did this to ensure the safety and effectiveness of EcoPlus, this could be considered a minor drawback.

EcoPlus Customer Reviews

EcoPlus Pricing & Availability

According to the official EcoPlus website, the price of one EcoPlus fuel enhancer is $39.99. They also charge you a shipping and handling fee of $4.95. Therefore, the total cost of the order becomes $44.94.

The website allows customers to purchase up to 5 EcoPlus devices from a single order. Hence it would be a smart choice to purchase more than one device, to save your money on shipping costs.  

Before moving on to my final verdict, let me give you a word of caution. 

On account of the rise in popularity of the EcoPlus devices, I have been able to find a lot of replicas being sold on the internet under the brand name of EcoPlus. These replicas will not only be a waste of money but also might damage the ECU of your car.

In order to avail of maximum discounts and avoid duplicate devices, try to order the EcoPlus fuel saver device from their official website. The link to their official website is given below:

Final Verdict On EcoPlus Reviews

On the basis of my research and analysis through EcoPlus reviews, the new EcoPlus appears to me as an unfeigned gadget that can improve the fuel efficiency, horsepower, and overall performance of your car. This can help users cut down on fuel costs and maintenance. 

EcoPlus works by remapping the electronic circuit unit of the car and adjusting with the style of driving. This compact device is easy to plug into the OBD of the car, making it convenient for use. 

Additionally, this device is eco-friendly. It does not emit any compounds that are harmful to the environment and also reduces carbon dioxide emissions considerably. 

Moreover, considering the copious positive EcoPlus customer feedback and 30-day money-back guarantee, I do not see anything wrong in giving the EcoPlus gadget a try. 


  • What if the EcoPlus device does not work? 

The device is secured with a 30-day money-back policy. Therefore, if you did not get the expected outcomes from EcoPlus, you can claim a full refund by contacting customer care. 

  • Does the company offer free shipping? 

No, the company does not offer free shipping. They charge $4.95 as a shipping and handling charge. 

  • When will the EcoPlus device start its work?

The device starts working as soon as you plug it into the OBD of your car. It gathers data and starts generating a new map. Usually, the results start to show after the car travels a total of 150 miles. 

  • How to install the EcoPlus chip?

EcoPlus is a compact and lightweight device, which makes it easy to use and install. All you gotta do is plug it into the OBD of your car.

  • From where can I get the EcoPlus fuel optimizer?

You can purchase EcoPlus only from their official website. The original device cannot be found offline or on any other 3rd party websites.

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