What Is Prebiotic Soda? Is It Good For You?

You might have already heard about the prebiotic soda buzz that has been going on all over social media. 

Yes, Prebiotic Soda has taken over major social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram with well over millions of views in just a short amount of time. 

Everything About Prebiotic Soda!

And don’t worry if you have not heard about prebiotic soda and have no clue about it. After all, that’s what we are here for! 

Prebiotic Soda in digestion

This blog will take you through the rise of prebiotic sodas, their benefits, how it works inside your system, and the potential cons it brings. 

So let’s find out if these new Prebiotic Sodas can be a better, healthier, and permanent substitute for traditional sodas!

What is Prebiotic Soda? What does it actually contain? 

Let us start off by understanding what exactly is Prebiotic Soda. This is for all the people who are not yet aware of Prebiotic Soda or are just now learning about it. 

A Prebiotic Soda is a new kind of soda on the market that claims to have numerous benefits for your body and health. They have added Prebiotics which makes them “healthier” than your conventional soda.

Now, let us get a bit geeky and understand what these “Prebiotics” are and why these sodas claim to be healthier in their name. 

Prebiotics are essentially food for probiotics, which are simply put the “good bacteria” for your gut and stomach. 

Probiotics are usually found in fermented foods like Sauerkraut, Kimchi, and Yogurt

Prebiotics boost efficiency and create a good and healthy environment for probiotics or good bacteria to grow and strive in your gut.

Are Prebiotic Sodas actually good for you?

Now that we know what a “Prebiotic Soda” is and what Prebiotics are and why they are important for your body, let us find out if these Prebiotics Sodas are actually good for you and your health. 

Since these sodas have added Prebiotic to them, they can be considered a better alternative to your traditional sodas. These added Prebiotics make these sodas gut friendly and helps in improving digestion.

Prebiotic Sodas actually good for you

So yeah, one could say that it is good for you if taken in moderation. But remember, excess of anything is bad! 

When compared to traditional sodas, which have about forty grams of sugar in them, Prebiotic Sodas are definitely better with a maximum of twenty grams of sugar.

Besides the sugar, these Prebiotic Sodas use natural sweeteners, fragrances, preservatives, and colors which make them much better than regular sodas. 

But just do not blindly believe what is said, be sure to check the label and the ingredients contained, printed on the back side, in small letters before you buy one of these Prebiotic Sodas.

How do these Prebiotic Sodas benefit you?

okay yes, Prebiotic Sodas are healthier than regular sodas but how exactly do they benefit you and your body? 

Let us put it straight, there are probiotics or good bacteria present in your gut. These probiotics make the digestion of food a lot easier and also help in improving oral and digestive health boosting overall health. 

The “Prebiotic Sodas” as the name says, have prebiotics added to them. 

Prebiotics are food for probiotics which helps in creating a sustainable environment for the probiotics which then help in maximizing the efficiency of probiotic work.

Keeping it short, Prebiotics help in the maintenance and better sustainability of probiotics which ultimately leads to good oral and gut health.

How much to consume?

Now comes the big question, if prebiotic sodas are healthy for you can you drink unlimited amounts of them?

Absolutely not! No matter how many Prebiotics they contain, at the end of the day, they are just sugar-loaded carbonated drinks. 

On average, one can of prebiotic soda contains nine to twenty grams of prebiotics depending on the brand, and a minimum of twenty grams of sugar.


Prebiotics are also present in most of our daily diets as they are easily found in Garlic, Bananas, Asparagus, Onions, Oats, Apples, and many other food items which are very easy to find.

On average a human body requires ten grams of prebiotics per day which can easily be fulfilled by including these food items in your diet.

But if it comes to Prebiotic Sodas, one can is enough to meet your daily prebiotic requirements. You will then also need to manage the mammoth twenty grams of sugar with the rest of your diet.

Final thoughts 

All in all, yes Prebiotic Sodas are a healthier alternative to regular sodas and you might want to consider switching to this side. 

But even if these drinks tempt you with labels and marketing gimmicks and play with “Prebiotics added” you should be aware of the amount of sugar that the drink contains. 

It is always recommended that you read the label and check the contents, and the nutritional value, especially the sugars and synthetic fragrances, flavors, and preservatives. 

So in conclusion, moderation is key even when it comes to the brand new trend of Prebiotic Sodas. Here’s to a healthier life!

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