Anthem Blue Cross Picks Sentrian’s Remote Intelligence Platform to Reduce Preventable Hospitalization for CareMore Members
Health plan chooses remote patient monitoring analytics platform with an initial implementation of 1,000 patients with complex chronic disease

Aliso Viejo, CA—January 12, 2015Sentrian™, the Remote Patient Intelligence™ company aspiring to eliminate all preventable hospitalization, announced today that CareMore Health System, a wholly owned subsidiary of Anthem Blue Cross, has selected the Sentrian Remote Patient Intelligence platform (Sentrian RPI) for its CareMore health plan members.

Sentrian will provide an integrated remote patient monitoring and analytics service to CareMore health plan members with complex chronic diseases. The Sentrian RPI platform is designed to prevent avoidable hospitalization by leveraging the revolution in remote biosensors and machine learning to remotely detect deterioration in patients’ health before it becomes acute. The initial implementation is focused on patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other concomitant conditions. A large controlled study with 1,000 CareMore members and another 1,000 members who are not on the platform as a control group will be developed to measure the effectiveness of the Sentrian RPI service in reducing preventable hospitalization.

“Sentrian goes beyond our previous attempts at remote patient monitoring by providing a personalized view into the unique patterns of individual patients, comparing their current metrics with their medical history, their baseline vitals, caregiver and family observations, and longitudinal health information,” said David Ramirez, MD, Chief Quality Officer of CareMore. “We expect the technology will both make a difference in our patients’ lives and enable us to scale our care management program quickly as we expand into more states in the near future.”

CareMore began in 1995 as a Medical Group with enrolled Medicare beneficiaries. It became CareMore health plan when it obtained a CMS contract in 2001 and began offering a chronic care Special Needs Plan in 2006. Since inception, CareMore recognized that chronically ill and frail seniors received uncoordinated, often inadequate and unnecessarily costly care from the existing system. Over the past 12 years, CareMore has built, and continues to refine, an alternative system designed to maintain health, improve outcomes and reduce cost for chronically ill and frail seniors.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with CareMore, a true innovator in chronic disease management, to help their members stay healthier at home and avoid unnecessary hospitalization,” said Dean Sawyer, Co-Founder and CEO of Sentrian. “We believe this project and clinical study will validate our hypothesis that using advanced analytics on multiple data streams from remote biometric devices will result in a greater reduction in hospitalization and increase the efficiency of remote care teams, enabling them to care for more patients.

Sentrian’s Remote Patient Intelligence platform includes the following services:

Identify: By analyzing a client’s claims and/or clinical data, Sentrian’s risk-assessment engine identifies patients who are at the greatest risk of hospital admissions and would benefit most from remote monitoring and analytics.

Monitor: Once the right patients are identified, Sentrian’s clinical team uses an advanced analytics engine to parse them by disease state, co-morbidities, and other clinical indicators to determine the appropriate mix of remote biometric devices for their condition. Sentrian’s turnkey fulfillment solution manages the device delivery and activation process end-to-end for clients.

Analyze: Sentrian’s cloud-based Big Data analytics engine continuously runs the sensor data through a disease model that compares it against global rules for patient care and then against patient-specific trending to continuously determine the patient’s health risk status. The disease model compares the sensor data with a patient’s medical history, comorbidities, exacerbations, and health benchmarks, and looks for indications contrary to population norms and patient-specific trends.

Act: Care managers and clinicians are notified when a patient’s risk status has changed and may require their attention. These notifications are designed to provide care managers and clinicians with enough time to intervene with safer, lower-cost treatment options that keep patients healthy and happy at home.

Sentrian and CareMore expect to publish the results of the pilot study later in 2015.

About CareMore

CareMore Health System, a wholly owned subsidiary of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, is the direct parent company of multiple health plans that operate under three federally approved Medicare Advantage contracts (“CareMore Health Plan subsidiaries”). The CareMore Health Plan subsidiaries serve a total of more than 80,000 Medicare members throughout Southern California, Northern California, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. CareMore specializes in health care programs supporting Medicare beneficiaries from the healthy aging to the chronically ill and/or frail.

About Sentrian

Sentrian™, the first Remote Patient Intelligence ™ Company, aspires to eliminate all preventable hospitalization by leveraging the revolution in remote biosensors and machine learning to detect patient deterioration early, before it becomes acute. Sentrian’s value proposition is to provide a cloud-based remote patient monitoring and analytics platform intended to dramatically reduce preventable hospital admissions, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of care teams and improve quality metrics such as HEDIS, and Star ratings. For our ACO clients, we intend to positively impact accountable care shared savings performance. The Sentrian platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing healthcare information systems and clinical workflows, facilitating adoption. Find us at, on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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