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ALISO VIEJO, Calif.,—January 29, 2015Sentrian™, the first Remote Patient Intelligence ™ company, today announced that company CEO Dean Sawyer has been selected as one of 12 visionary entrepreneurs to participate in the prestigious 12 Leaders® program. The one-year program brings together 12 handpicked entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers to learn strategies for maximizing professional growth and entrepreneurial excellence.

“I am humbled and excited about the opportunity to participate in this exclusive leadership program,” Sawyer said. “Our healthcare industry is facing tremendous challenges, and strong entrepreneurial competencies are what will be required to address them. I look forward to gaining skills and insights that will help Sentrian lead a revolution in applying remote patient intelligence throughout the industry.”

Sentrian’s entrepreneurial aspirations are high. The company seeks to eliminate preventable hospitalization using remote biosensors and machine learning to detect health deterioration. Catching such deterioration in its early stages—often before symptoms are even noticeable—results in less invasive, less expensive and more successful interventions that can be performed in the home and physician offices rather than in the hospital.

The 12 Leaders® program—founded by Robert Cooper, PhD, a neuroscientist and internationally renowned authority in business leadership development—is designed to help leaders like Sawyer realize the full potential and aspirations of their business.

“Leaders with pioneering vision and a demonstrated ability to execute upon that vision are what we’re looking for in selecting participants for our program,” said Robert Cooper, PhD, neuroscientist, founder of 12 Leaders and an internationally renowned authority in business leadership development. “We’ve incorporated the latest neuroscience advancements and accelerated growth research to create one of the most powerful and effective programs in the world for breakthrough leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers.”

The program applies insights from neuroscience to help executives enhance energy, engagement, productivity and creativity, as well as break out of traditional leadership mindsets.

About Sentrian

Sentrian™, the first Remote Patient Intelligence™ company, aspires to eliminate all preventable hospitalization by leveraging the revolution in remote biosensors and machine learning to detect patient deterioration early, before it becomes acute. Sentrian’s value proposition to healthcare organizations is to provide a cloud-based remote patient monitoring and analytics platform intended to dramatically reduce preventable hospital admissions, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of care teams and improve quality metrics such as HEDIS and Star ratings. The Sentrian platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing healthcare information systems and clinical workflows, facilitating adoption. Find us at, on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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