The Best and Worst Time to Drink Green Tea- Know The Facts

Green tea is perhaps the beverage that is drunk the most globally, followed by tea and coffee.

It is well-liked for its capacity to help in weight loss and for its positive effects on health. 

It promotes healthy digestion, immune system function, mental clarity, and cardiovascular and brain function.

All About Green Tea!!

You may have observed individuals drinking green tea all day. Some people even drink a cup of green tea before going to bed at night.

Green tea is one of the greatest beverages to consume because it is packed with bioactive substances and antioxidants. 

It benefits your health in a variety of ways, from enhancing brain function to reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease and assisting with weight loss.

All About Green Tea!!

Green tea, which originated in China and India, has become more well-liked as a therapeutic beverage. 

The public has the misperception that the greater you consume, the faster you’ll lose weight. The most crucial thing to comprehend is that, despite being healthier than regular tea or coffee, green tea should not be consumed all day long. 

Unexpectedly, whether you get pleasant or bad side effects depends on when you decide to drink the beverage. According to studies, green tea is best consumed in the mornings and right before exercise.

What’s the best time to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss?

  • The best time to consume green tea if you want to lose weight is right before working out. 

According to a study, taking caffeine 90 minutes prior to exercise ‌enhanced the rate at which the fat is burned.

If your objective is to optimize the advantages and utilize green tea for weight loss, you should be prepared for a less enjoyable cup of tea because it tastes bitter.

Experts always advise eating something healthy to start the day! And after a nutritious breakfast, you must consume green tea can for a little boost and to attain a mindful attitude for the day.

Can Green tea be consumed either before or after meals?

Many people have green tea after meals without realizing that doing so can prevent nutrients from being properly absorbed. 

Green tea

This means that because of the barrier caused by the caffeine and tannins, nothing you consume is fully absorbed. 

Additionally, this may dilute the stomach fluids, impairing digestion. 

Green tea is therefore best consumed 30 to 45 minutes before or after meals.

What is the worst time to consume green tea?

The worst time to consume green tea is:

  • Just after taking a medication

Stop taking your medications with a cup of green tea if you have a habit of doing so. It may be dangerous to drink green tea concurrently with or immediately after taking medication. Green tea and the compounds in your medications may interact, producing an acidic result. So it’s always a good idea to take your medicines with just plain water.

  • Just before going to sleep

You should refrain from drinking green tea too close to night if you struggle with sleep. Despite being well renowned for its calming effects, it does not make you go asleep faster. This is because it includes caffeine, which may interfere with melatonin secretion and keep you from getting a restful night’s sleep.

Green tea consumption for healthy skin

Consuming Green Tea has both the moisture and anti-inflammatory characteristics needed for beautiful skin.

It might also help in the reduction of acne, wrinkles, under-eye circles, and photo-aged skin. It might even help reduce sebum.

The ideal time to Consume Green Tea is to Increase Metabolism

    • Green tea may facilitate better digestion and increase metabolism 
    • There are still no strict rules on when you should drink your tea, the optimal time maybe 30 to 60 minutes before or after the meal.
    • As your metabolism is at its maximum in the morning, it can be enhanced with a lovely hot cup of green tea at that time. 
    • Since the metabolism tends to slow down in the evening, drinking green tea around that time may be your final chance to keep it from slowing down.


What to Avoid While Drinking Green Tea?

  • Avoid drinking too much in the morning.

Caffeine might give your day a much-needed boost, but it can also negatively alter how your stomach feels throughout the day. Due to its high catechin concentration, drinking green tea first thing in the morning can have negative effects on the liver. As a higher catechin concentration may result in damage to your liver.

  • Avoid drinking before bed

Due to caffeine’s potential to interfere with sleep, green tea should not be consumed before night. The caffeine in green tea increases vigilance and concentration while decreasing feelings of fatigue, making it more difficult to fall asleep. Green tea consumption at night may also stimulate the urge to urinate, which can cause nighttime awakenings and disrupt your sleep.

  • Avoid putting honey into hot green tea.

The majority of us enjoy sweetening our green tea with honey since it tastes wonderful and is a healthier alternative to sugar. However, there’s a good probability that the nutritional value of honey may decrease if you add it to a steaming cup of green tea. Allow your green tea to cool down a little before adding any other ingredients you choose, such as cinnamon or honey.


Hence, along with consumption as a whole, the way of consumption is also of great value. Green tea should be consumed at the proper time to get the most health advantages. 


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