Top #5 Health Benefits Of Taking Collagen Every Day!

Collagen is a type of protein produced by the human body. It is found in the bones, tendons, cartilage, skin, etc. collagen helps in maintaining different structures in the body such as the function of the skin, blood vessels, and the cardiovascular system, and nevertheless to say collagen helps the body to regulate its functions. Collagen provides and supports the elasticity of the skin and holds the cells together. Although collagen is produced abundantly in our body, a healthy diet can aid in the production of collagen.

Collagen helps the joints to stay healthy and protects the organs. The lack of collagen can lead to many problems including joint problems and lack of skin elasticity.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a need when it comes to having a healthy cardiovascular system. A healthy diet and proper lifestyle help you to maintain your collagen levels. Collagen is beneficial to our body in many ways and some of them are listed below. 

  • Provides overall support to the body
  • Helps in joint health
  • Maintains skin elasticity
  • Protects the organs
  • Regulate the functions of the cardiovascular system. 
  • Maintains the structure of bones, cartilage, tendons, and blood vessels.

As you age, there can be a downfall in the production of collagen by the body. So it is important to meet the lack of collagen by taking necessary collagen supplements.

Collagen supplements are safe to take and can be helpful in maintaining the collagen level. With the intake of collagen supplements, you can attain healthier bones, hair, nail, and skin and the supplement is beneficial to the body in numerous other ways.

There are five types of collagen and they are type 1, type 2, type 3, type 4, and type 5.  Each of these collagen types serves different purposes in the body. Type one is the most abundantly seen collagen in the body. It is this collagen that promotes the necessary strength of the bones. Type 2 provides joints supports and makes the functions of the joints easier.

Type 3 is the collagen that is present in the muscles. Muscle stiffness and all are sorted out by type 3 collagen. Type 4 is the collagen that is present inside the layers of your skin which gives radiance and elasticity to your skin. It takes care of your skin and keeps the skin hydrated. The collagen that is found in the cornea of your eyes and hair is type 5 collagen. This enhances your hair and eyes. 

How Often Should You Take Collagen?

Collagen supplements are available as gummies, capsules, and in powdered form. It is suggested to take the supplement according to the instructions which come with the supplement. Having a healthy collagen-rich diet can also enhance the production of collagen in the body. Foods such as garlic, chicken, leafy greens, shellfishes, meat, etc are high in collagen and can help to increase collagen levels.

Collagen supplements can be taken daily and have no adverse side effects are there apart from some experiencing mild difficulties.  There can be changes in the dosage according to the supplement that is taken. Consult with your doctor or nutritionist before adding a collagen supplement to your diet. Too much collagen can result in headaches and fatigue.

It is appropriate to take 1 gram of collagen per body weight daily for maintaining the functions of bodily activities. Taking collagen daily can improve your muscle mass, provide support to your joints, improve the health of your hair, and nails, and most importantly can be beneficial to your cardiovascular system. After three to six months of collagen intake, noticeable changes can be seen in the health of your whole body.  

Can Collagen Cause Weight Gain? 

An increase in collagen levels or collagen intake will not cause you to gain weight. Although collagen helps in maintaining muscle mass, it will not induce weight gain or muscle mass gain. On the other hand, another fact is that collagen can help you in losing weight. Exercises can be done more easily with collagen cause it improves joint mobility and thus reduce joint and muscle stiffness.

 Cause Weight Gain

This can benefit in reducing weight. This can help you to maintain your overall body health and makes it easier for you to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Bone density can be improved with collagen. Collagen can make you less hungry. Why? because you will feel full after eating a minimum amount of food because collagen as a protein will reduce your appetite.

This can in turn result in losing weight. You can improve your natural collagen production by choosing to eat certain collagen-rich foods such as chicken, berries, meat, eggs, vitamin c, bone broth, etc. chicken contains a huge amount of collagen, and eating chicken can make make a hike in the collagen levels of your body. 

Eggs do not contain collagen. But it can indirectly help in the production of collagen in the body. It happens when the amino acids called proline in the egg whites enhance the body’s natural collagen production. Consumption of fruits such as citrus, lemon, orange, etc can also increase the number of collagen levels in the body. These fruits contain vitamin c which can increase collagen production. 

How Long Does Collagen Take To Work?

The scientific studies conducted by experts have shown that it may take a time period of 8 weeks to see or experience notable changes that can result from collagen intake. Taking collagen supplements daily can improve your body’s overall health and most importantly you can notice hair growth along with improved joint health, moisturized healthy skin, and enhanced movement of your body.

The results may show up fast or will take a certain amount of time to see. Most probably results on the skin can be visible within 4 to 12 weeks that is one two three months of starting collagen supplement. you can experience increased skin moisture and elasticity.

Collagen can also act as an anti-aging component. Fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced by collagen. Patience is the key. Regular and consistent use of collagen will definitely benefit you in a number of ways and can make you less tired.

Health Benefits Of Collagen Supplements

Different types of collagen supplements are available in the market. Collagen supplements can be bought as capsules, gummies, or even in powdered form. The amount of collagen that is to be taken will depend upon the type of supplement used. The dosage should be taken as instructed on the supplement package. Taking collagen supplements can benefit you in many ways. Along with helping your joints, skin, and cardiovascular system, what is most important is that it can be overall health support for your body. Some of the health benefits of collagen supplements are listed below. 

✔️ Healthier skin

One of the main benefits of taking a collagen-rich supplement is that you can achieve healthy skin with increased elasticity. Collagen supplements can also be a solution for wrinkles and aging. It can make your skin more hydrated. Blood flow is increased to the face by collagen which can make the facial skin more radiant. 

✔️ Improved joint health

Taking collagen supplements can help people who struggle with chronic pain in joints and muscles. It can improve joint movements and can relieve joint stiffness. Cartilage tissues are repaired by collagen and thereby cure joint pain and inflammations. 

✔️ Bone health

The health of the bones can be taken care of with collagen supplements. Bone density can be increased by collagen intake. Collagen can slow down the aging process and make bones denser and stronger. There are different types of collagen and type 1 is beneficial to bones. 

✔️ Pressure and sugar levels 

Collagen supplements can regulate blood pressure and sugar levels. The amino acids in collagen can maintain the health of the heart by regulating blood flow. The efficient flow of blood can enhance heart health and thereby becomes beneficial to the whole body. insulin and sugar levels in the blood are more stable with the use of collagen supplements. collagen supplements are safe for diabetic patients.  

✔️ Healthy hair

Collagen can make your hair stronger and thicker. Collagen increases the body hair building protein and this can result in longer, thicker hair. It can also decrease hair thinning. Taking collagen supplements for two weeks has shown noticeable changes in hair and scalp health. Collagen also helps with the appearance of grey hair. 

Collagen Side Effects

Collages supplements do not cause any harmful side effects. But some can experience bloating, stomach burn, and no hunger. Too much collagen intake can cause a hike in insulin levels and this can lead to a few other difficulties such as headaches, digestive issues, and fatigue. 

Collagen is free of adverse side effects if taken at a minimum amount. If the collagen supplements are mixed with other harmful substances as some manufacturers do, that may result in severe health issues. Therefore it is of great importance to check every detail before using a supplement. 

If you are under any medications or treatment remember to seek a medical opinion on the supplement. 

Final Thoughts

Collagen is a primary need for our body to maintain necessary functions. It is an abundantly produced protein in our body and promotes several benefits to the skin, hair, cardiovascular system, joint health, etc. Collages play a major role in regulating blood pressure and sugar levels.

Collagen needs can be met by collagen supplements which can induce the production of collagen in the body. This can help us to attain a healthy state of body and mind.  

Collagen can help you with your chronic joint pain and can relieve muscle, and joint stiffness.  

Collagen is a significantly beneficial supplement that can act fast on your body and you can see the changes within weeks. The duration of the results may vary according to the area. Effects on skin and hair are seen within a short period of time compared to others.  

You can either eat collagen-rich foods or take supplements that provide collagen. As we age the production of collagen will be decreased. So to meet the necessary needs of the body, it is appropriate to take collagen supplements to maintain the health of your joints, muscles, hair, nails, and many other organs and functions. 

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